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In everything we do, we believe in the quality of your services. We believe in keeping your guests at the very core of your business. How ? We support and guide Hospitality businesses, to enhance their current status on the quality of their services, by auditing and assessing their Brand Standards and Emotional connection with the guests. We recommend and sustain insightful solutions that will help them reach their desired goals, and result in higher guest satisfaction and, ultimately higher revenue.

With more than 20 years of International Hospitality experience, in Operations and Consulting, we strive to personalize your Quality Assurance needs and create a more authentic and realistic evaluation of your Customer Experience.


Our effective solutions, which we tailor-made to your needs

Hospitality Consulting

We provide expert advice to investors, or Hospitality professionals, interested in entering the hospitality industry, as well as helping hotels, resorts and SPAs, which are already more

Emotional Quality

Our expert Hospitality Consultant will analyze and assess the primary emotions that your guests are experiencing during their stay.Every insight, feedback and recommendation that he/she will provide, will have a unique goal: Aim to the very core of what drives extraordinary performance.

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Quality Assurance Evaluation

Before, during and after our professional evaluations, the Hospitality Consultant examines and renders an opinion to the Management regarding the efficiency and effectiveness of the business operating activities.

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Traning, Coaching and Mentoring

Our Certified Trainers and Coaches focus their attention to develop the most crucial resource of your business – THE TEAM

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Luca Marinelli

Founder and Managing Director



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