Hospitality Consulting


We provide expert advice to investors, or Hospitality professionals, interested in entering the hospitality industry, as well as helping hotels, resorts and SPAs, which are already operating. We do support Cruise Sector, Private Clinics and Hospitals to enhance their Service Quality, allowing their employees to be more Emotionally engaged with the patients and their relatives.

We aim to excellence through our International experience, related to both hotel operations and business management in general.

Our experienced and focused consultants are an excellent investment to obtain the desired results for your business.

The main areas to help hotels achieve the goals are:

• Consultancy, advisory and design programs to bridge the gap between current and desired situation.

• Coaching, guidance and training (different levels).

• The development of management, supervisory and know-how skills.

• Definition of the company’s mission, goals and objectives.

• The assessment of the current situation.

• The identification of training and operability needs.

• The improvement of organizational communications.

• The improvement of job performance.

• The increase of employee motivation.

• Achieving customer satisfaction and loyalty.