Quality Assurance Evaluations


Before, during and after our professional evaluations, the Hospitality Consultant examines and renders an opinion to the Management regarding the efficiency and effectiveness of the business operating activities.

To perform at optimum levels, an organization needs efficient operations. The Hospitality Consultant reviews the effectiveness of current operational procedures and shares the findings and the level of engagement, with the Management, by recommending an initial action plan.

The set of Quality Assurance Evaluations, to achieve efficiency and effectiveness are:

•Brand Standards Audit, both qualitative (Service Interactions) and quantitative (Cleanliness, Conditions, Brand Identity, Safety&Security compliance).

• Test calls to your Operational Departments (Reservations, S&M, Concierge, SPA, contact center)

• Food and Beverage one-time audits (level of service and knowledge, cleanliness and conditions)

• Cash Integrity Audit