Mirko Aru | GM-Armani Hotel Milano


Luca Marinelli has been auditing ourARMANI Hotel in 2015 .

The outcome of the visit was Outstanding for several reasons named below:

Audit Accuracy

Understanding the product

Live Customer Experience

Result driven

Emotional behavior focus and empathy test

We believe the audit was a vital component of our business growth.

Many do not see the value in spending money on auditing their business, nor do they take the risks seriously, simply because they have never run into this before.

If a business is content with their current financial position and is not concerned about future prosperity or loss of market share and customers, it is risky and competition may win over it. Hence, we engaged with Luca to assess our current status and find, with his expert insights, a proper solution.

Luca’s approach was very attentive and detailed, and his methodology was very clear; his feedback was shared with the Excom team, during an accurate briefing. Luca’s interpersonal skills made possible that the visit was perceived in a constructive way, and findings were shared in an organized and timely manner.